Below you will find some lines of presentation about me, the training I have received as a psychologist and my professional experience.

My training began with a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of Barcelona, later I obtained a master's degree as a teacher, and from that moment, my interest in people and the processes of learning and personal change has grown. I have been a graduate in psychology from UNED since 2018. My experience working with people is wide and varied, always accompanying in times of difficulty, doubts or uncertainty.
I work in the fields of individual and couple psychotherapy, as well as in the community area, organizing various social support groups.

My vocation is people. In therapeutic processes we begin to understand what happens to us to open the doors to solutions, working from key learning experiences. This is the essence of the work we do together patient and therapist in psychological intervention.
Each person is different and this must be reflected in how to approach the problem. Being close, as well as offering a climate of trust and a security space, are fundamental elements to obtain results.

Cognitive-behavioural, humanist, systemic and psychoeducational psychology constitute the four legs that sustain and give the scientific foundation to the psychotherapy that I practice in the consultation. This allows me to take into account the different dimensions of the person and, above all, not to lose sight of the objective, to help people feel better and be able to start recovering as soon as possible.

Here you can see in more detail my Curriculum Vitae:

My training

-Degree in Psychology from the UNED. Specialist in Health Psychology (2018) (Collegiate No. 27.264).

-University Expert in Legal and Forensic Psychology by the University of Valencia (2021)

-Continuous training by the COPC (College of Psychologists of Catalonia), being the most outstanding:

-Prevention of bullying in the school environment

-Metacognition for the treatment of anxiety disorders

-Emotional health based on the relationship with thoughts

-Relational dynamics and relational coaching

-Emotional Intelligence (N. Lizeretti)

-Anger management from humanist therapy


My career

-Pedagogical counsellor

-Individual psychotherapist

-Couple psychotherapist

-Social support and accompaniment group manager

-Disseminator in talks and workshops

I am president of theSaó Psychology Association, which has been working since 2021 to ensure a psychology accessible to everyone.

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