Mini Psychology Sorbets: Open debate cycle.

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Day: Friday, January 28, 2021

Place: Cristina Mas Santaló Psychology (Barcelona Street, 12 2nd 1st Mataró)

Time: 10.00 to 11.30


Psychology sorbets are a proposal open to anyone interested in human psychology and who wants to come and share their beliefs, to listen and learn from others and with others.
We present a current psychology, with a cognitive-behavioural basis, but enriched with the most humanistic vision of third and subsequent generation therapies.
The objective of the debate is to offer alternative visions to our own that help to enrich and make more flexible the concept that we have of us, others and the world around us.
The sessions are structured from an initial statement on which everyone can contribute their vision, from there, the concepts and contributions of psychology are introduced with the exhibition of scientific studies relevant to the question that is debated and also from the Socratic dialogue that seeks to advance the position of the participants using only the questioning. The sessions are open, respectful and psychoeducational, it seeks to add and offer healthy alternatives to the visions that each person can bring home.
There is a second objective that is even more important than the first, which is to create a cozy, pleasant and even fun atmosphere, that accompanies and gives human warmth to the participants.

The proposal at the end of January is motivated by the fact that it is rarely talked about ageing, beautiful euphemisms are often used with which clearly shocks the own experience of adding years. Here we open a space where you can talk openly about the surprises and frustrations experienced when we get older.
We will also try to be positive and talk about which orientations are the most useful to age with the highest quality of life.

These degrees have a fortnightly frequency.

More information and reservations:

Anti-Covid protocol in this session: Capacity limited to 3.

Ventilated space. I will provide you with a new FFP2 mask for mandatory use.

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