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Welcome to my professional space. I want to present you with a psychology that aims for personal well-being and is aimed at all types of people. The therapy I exercise is based on three pillars:

  • Dissemination of knowledge derived from research in psychology.
  • The emphasis on the importance of emotional management, which has become popular with the name ofemotional intelligence.
  • Self-acceptance. It is essential that the therapist accepts without judging the person who comes to therapy and that promotes the emergence of this feeling towards oneself.

The therapy I practice has a cognitive-behaviouralbasis, which means that it is a type of intervention that deals with both the contents of the mind and the behavior and that uses both ways to achieve the objectives that are established. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the most common in clinical practice and is the main therapy taught in universities since it is considered to be the one with the greatest scientific evidence to support it.

Within this framework I am in favour of a bespoke therapy,in which the various formal possibilities are decided by consensus between therapist and client. Therefore, to adapt to the characteristics of the client, there are the following possibilities:

  • Rhythm. The sessions can be from several times a week, until monthly.
  • Place. They can be done by videoconference or in person. Some session can take place in the natural environment.
  • Objective. It may be prefixed and specific or that it is intended to follow a process of discovery and personal growth.
  • Duration. It can be either open or closed. It can be a consultation that occupies a single session or it will be a discontinuous process that lasts for years. The duration of the sessions is usually fixed in an hour.
  • Components. The techniques, activities and exercises can be very varied. Some of the most common are self-assessment questionnaires, learning relaxation techniques, mindfulness, artherapy, therapeutic narrative or Socratic dialogue.

You can book time by clicking HERE (A window will open in my space in Doctoralia)

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